– A risk of injury exists from improper use of ZS LLC products. In no event, will ZS LLC be liable for damages or injuries resulting from improper use of its products.

    – The Zipityslick and Barislick sheets are recommended for use with immobile patients.

    – We recommend all four bed rails be up to prevent a patient from accidentally sliding out of bed.

    – We recommend that you elevate the knees of the bed 10 to 30 degrees prior to elevating the head of the bed to prevent the patient from sliding down in bed.

    – The Zipityslick and Barislick sheets work great with washable incontinence pads. This pad is what is used to move the patient around in bed. We have not sampled the newer incontinence pad options.

    – The Zipityslick and Barislick sheets only need changing when heavily soiled because minor spills can be wiped clean. The incontinence pads should be changed daily and as needed as they will be what is directly beneath most of the patients body surface area.

    – We recommend the use of two incontinence pads (one under chest and one under buttock) for patients with large body surface areas and/or drainage from the chest/ abdominal area.

    – Your Zipityslick and Barislick sheets may be laundered as per CDC and your facility laundering requirements. It is recommended that you wash your sheets before using them.

    – The underside of the sheeting fabric contains a coating that will eventually come off. This coating only serves to provide structure for the sheet.