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    Our Mission

    We hope to bring our high quality revolutionary product to hospitals around the country to help alleviate the pains of transferring, turning and moving patients. Our Products:

    • Decrease Back Injuries to Staff
    • Reduce Shearing Injuries to Patients
    • Are Made in Colorado, USA

    From the Founder

    Thank you for inquiring about the Zipityslick and Barislick sheets. The Zipityslick sheet has been used in critical care since 2007. The Barislick sheet has been used since 2012 in this same facility. Nurses support the use of these sheets and have made posts about them on the Zipityslick web site. I can tell you that nurses will call the laundry if they are out because caring for one 200 pound plus immobile patient, using the traditional cotton/spandex sheets will remind them via their back why they like the Zipityslick sheets. I was considering leaving bedside nursing because of back strain and this along with other nurses complaints of back strain, is what compelled me to pursue other sheeting options. When I could not find any other options we decided to make our own. After much research and a number of prototypes, the rest is history.

    We have recently started marketing the Zipityslick and Barislick sheets. One MICU that made a purchase is around 24 beds. The clinical director did say that the staff loved them and wished they would have had them long ago. She also said she thought they may have fewer shearing and tear injuries to patients because of ease of sliding and turning patients. Zipityslick and Barislick sheets were also found to be useful in a chain of nursing home facilities. They placed a second order.

    We do not have any published research. The research we do have is our observations since 2007, which include extremely low work related back injuries, extremely rare complaints of back strain and it seems fewer shearing injuries to patients. We also have had other departments such as DI and PT make positive comments because they experience less back strain when working with patients.

    Please refer to the ANA’s Safe Patient Handling and Mobility Special Report for health care worker injury prevention program strategies.

    The cost of the sheets:

    Zipityslick $80.00 / sheet ( regular critical care bed)

    Barislick $100.00 / sheet ( bariatric bed)

    One facility has used our sheets since 2007 and have placed 2 orders. The second order was mostly because of lost sheets rather than wear to the sheets. The laundry is sent to another town that services a number of hospitals.

    A few tips to remember when using these sheets are:

    – Recommended for use with immobilized patients.

    – Put the knees up 10 -20 degrees prior to sitting head of bed up.

    – The Zipityslick sheet only needs changed when heavily soiled. Small spills can be cleaned with an antibacterial wipe. Change incontinence pads daily and as needed..

    – The incontinence pad is what is used to move the patient around on the bed. For larger patients or patients with drains in the chest area, use one incontinence pad under the chest and one under the buttock.

    – Keep the side rails up as with most specialty beds or per your institutions policy.

    – Zipityslick and Barislick sheets can be laundered per CDC guidelines with your regular hospital laundry.

    If there are any other questions please feel free to e-mail or you may call me 0800 – 2000 7 days a week. I may have to get back with you because I may be at work but I will return your call.

    Thank you for your interest in the Zipityslick and Barislick sheets,

    Lisa Eason RN

    ZS LLC

    PO Box 2163

    Durango, Co. 81302